LoGD Message of the Day (MoTD)
-LoGD Message of the Day (MoTD)-
Special Incentive Donation Drive!
Two Pot Screamer HunterD2018-01-16 10:39:12
Special Incentive Donation Drive!
From 1/16/18 until 2/16/18, all donations will be tripled. Additionally, your original donation will be matched on any ONE of the following RPGLink sites:
Forbidden Realm
One Ring Online
Deathstar: Star Wars Online RPG
Dragons of Myth
Legend of Nathyrnn
Donate during this period and you will automatically be bumped up to the next donation incentive tier!*
Ex: Donate $5, get the $5 AND $10 incentives!
This special only runs once a year... donate now and support your favorite RPGLink sites!
*excludes $2 starter donation tier

Creative ideas and such...
🕷 Canser Ddidostur 🕷2017-08-28 22:13:04
We are looking for some very creative ideas moving forward. Submit your ideas via petition! We will have some things coming in September for sure!

From the control room of the TARDIS
Green Dragon Staff2017-08-15 13:24:08
To change things up a bit. The Forbidden Pyramids are now Isocahedrons (20-sided pyramid) to ultimately confuse you a bit more. In the Battle arena, I thought about advertising those characvters a bit more by calling the Arena nav Battle the Titans. And, Slaying other players in the fields, are now called The Killing Fields. Have fun with the changes.

August Birthdays
Green Dragon Staff2017-08-08 00:34:27

2nd Niklaus

2nd Bhairyuu

8th Sysis

8th Cashboxxx

9th Hugo

20th Jon

29th Psicopata

Anyone we missed this month for birthday announcements, send Time Lord a YoM and I'll make the necessary changes and add you in.

Thank You for playing in Aljerer

Time Lord

New rpglink site
Her Wolf Alestan2017-08-05 00:51:16
The realm of Silverwine is based off the ever popular game Skyrim. The dragon known as Alduin has returned to the land after being lost for a long time, his sole mission to destroy man and consume the world. Do you have what it takes to defeat him? We await you, Dragonborn.


Player of the Month
Green Dragon Staff2017-08-03 05:22:07
Congratulations to our Player of the Month for July 2017


Our most loyal of players in the Realm of Dreams

Happy Birthday to all our July members.
Green Dragon Staff2017-07-28 16:22:16

2nd Davina
2nd Starrina
3rd Dan/John Cena
6th Redungeon
6th Luna/Sienna/Vanessa
8th Dracos
12th Khalissa
13th Tomanius
15th Isegrimm
17th Astuzii
18th Akasha/Katia
22nd HunterD
23rd Kinyue
25th Krystaline
27th GhostlyLite
30th BellaElisabeth

Welcome New Players! To Alijerer!!
Green Dragon Staff2017-06-27 23:23:14
Welcome to Alierer !
IF you are a new player not only will you Receive a Gift of
2,000,000 gold 50,000 gems on Entry!! 

But you can Also Transfer your Hard earned Dks!! (Dragon Kills ) you had earned from another Rpg site.

Simply Petition your Stats from your player stats . And name of the site .

We will be using a  limited scale
 5 to 1 ratio. Ex.: 100 dks on one site could start out someone here at 20. 200 on other site means 40 here. 300 on other means 60 here and so on.

If on the other site, you have less than 100 (dragon kill), we'll transfer 100% of your other kills to Aljerer. (you'll still have the other site to play as well, but you'll be given a boost in the Realm of Dreams!!!!)

This offer shall continue over the course of the Summer of 2017!
Again welcome to Alijerer we hope you enjoy your stay with us

New ranking system--dragonkills
Green Dragon Staff2017-06-22 15:11:09
Legend of Aljerer is adopting a new ranking system to be displayed in you title/name.

YoM Time Lord to get your symbols added to your title.

Dragon Kill Symbols:

+---100 dks
++---200 dks
+++---300 dks
++++---400 dks
@---500 dks
@@---1,000 dks
@@@---1,500 dks
@@@@---2,000 dks
< >---2,500 dk
<< >>---5,000 dks
~ ~---10,000 dks

italics and bold lettering is reserved for STAFF only

No other symbols or punctuation marks will be allowed

Aljerian Wallaby--June 2017
Green Dragon Staff2017-06-21 07:41:05
Birthdays for June

5th Aspen (new member)
6th Nessa
6th OedipaMaas
15th Azalea Rose
15th Supermaster
16th Darkwings
25th Dragonrider/Mike

Pun of the Month

Leaving myself out of my own photo was selfie-facing.

Owen McMahon - New Zealand

Joke of the Month

Teacher: Whoever answers my next question, can go home.

One boy throws his bag out the window.

Teacher: Who just threw that?

Boy: Me, and now I’m going home.

Poem of the Month

© Jeremiah E. Fanjul
Published on January 10, 2017

There's beauty in struggle,
There's feeling in pain.
For every painstaking mistake,
There are lessons you can name.

No one is excluded
From life's many trials,
Not even a scrape on the knee
From an innocent child.

It's true, most lessons do hurt.
Some more than others,
Some short and temporary,
Some smothering with suffering.

Some beautiful with love,
Like a baby and mother.
Some are a constant battle,
Like sister and brother.

There are lessons we must learn
About how to love one another.




The first European sightings of Australia were made by a Dutchman called Willem Janszoon on the Duyfken (Little Dove). Janszoon sailed into the Australian waters charting 300 km of the coast on the journey. Janszoon also met with the Aboriginal people on the journey. Janszoon was the first recorded European to achieve such feats. Later that year Louis Vaez de Torres sailed through the Torres Strait, named after himself. Both Captains have been recorded as having sighted the Cape York Peninsula.


Dutch explorer, Abel Tasman's, first journey to Australia. It was in 1644 that Abel Tasman established that Australia was made up of four coasts North, West, East and South. The Australian state of Tasmania was named after this famous explorer.



Captain Cook (actually a lieutenant at this time), lands in Botany Bay on the Eastern side of Australia in the ship named HM Bark Endeavour. and claims New South Wales for Britain.


The First Fleet arrives at Sydney Cove under Captain Arthur Phillip to establish the first settlement in Australia. This was to be a penal colony - Sydney was founded. The date of his arrival, 26 January, went on to mark Australia Day.

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